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Theatres of History and Memory


Our research and documentation benefited immensely from the work and assistance of the following persons and institutions:

  • Economic Growth Centre, particularly Euston Quah and Kim Youjin.

  • Tan Teng Phee.

  • Kevin Y.L. Tan.

  • All researchers involved in the project.

  • National Heritage Board, particularly the Heritage Research and Assessment Division.

  • National Archives of Singapore, particularly Eric Chin, Fiona Tan, Gayathri Kaur Gill, and Mark Wong.

  • Urban Redevelopment Authority, particularly Kelvin Ang and John Siow.

  • National Library Board, particularly Ang Seow Leng.

  • The Singapore Heritage Festival 2018 team.

  • National Museum of Singapore.

  • My Community, particularly Kwek Li Yong.

  • Lee Soo Ann.

  • Mok Ly Yng.

  • Min Lee.

  • International Institute of Asian Studies.

  • Asian Network of Industrial Heritage.

  • The International Committee For The Conservation Of The Industrial Heritage.


  • All oral history interviewees and persons who provided interview contacts.

  • All contributors and participants on the Facebook groups.

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