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Chronicles Research and Education Pte Ltd is a research consultancy that specialises in unearthing big and small stories—of Singapore in the region and the world as well as of people’s intimate lives, voices and memories.   

Chronicles provides rigorous, customised and multidisciplinary research services for a broad range of historical and heritage projects, tailored to the unique needs of the public, private and community sectors, including:

  • academic, field and policy research, writing and publishing;

  • corporate, institutional and school histories or heritage galleries;

  • local, place and community histories;

  • life, family and oral histories, genealogies, memoirs, and biographies; and

  • educational programmes and workshops for schools.


LOH KAH SENG (PhD History)

Kah Seng is one of the few Singapore historians. He works on the big and small narratives of Singapore, its people and its links to the world. He is the author of Squatters into Citizens: The 1961 Bukit Ho Swee Fire and the Making of Modern Singapore (shortlist for 2015 EuroSEAS Humanities Book Prize and 2018 Singapore History Book Prize). His forthcoming book is Tuberculosis – The Singapore Experience, 1867-2018. Disease, Society and the State. Co-written with Dr Hsu Li Yang, the book is part of a project on antimicrobial resistance at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore. 

Kah Seng has been involved in heritage research projects supported by the National Heritage Board: 

A former History teacher, Kah Seng is actively involved in educational projects. He develops educational programmes and resources for schools and educational agencies, particularly for secondary-level Social Studies and History. He co-wrote the Secondary 3 school textbook All about History: European Dominance and Expansion in Southeast Asia in the Late 19th Century for the Ministry of Education in 2014.


Documenting Middleton Hospital, Communicable Disease Centre and the Medical Heritage of Singapore

The project documented the long history and rich heritage of the Communicable Disease Centre (previously Middleton Hospital), which closed in 2018. It surveyed key developments in infectious disease control in Singapore, and conducted oral histories of the Centre's former staff, patients and the wider community.

See more here.


Theatres of History and Memory was a documentation and participatory research project. It uncovered Singapore’s industrial history in the 20th century, as shaped variously by the hands of political leaders, civil servants, international organisations, economic experts, entrepreneurs, managers, supervisors, communities, families, and workers.

See more here. 


The S2S Programme fills a genuine need for academic expertise and customised learning resources by having students learn first-hand how historians work, which is integral to Historical Investigation and historical literacy. In a 3-hour workshop, they will learn to frame inquiry questions, appraise diverse and interesting sources (e.g. Coroner’s records), grapple with historical concepts, and synthesise the information to write compelling narratives. Students will work closely with a team of experienced historians and educators.


See here for an outline of the S2S Programme.


The AI Programme fills a genuine need for academic expertise and customised learning resources by having students learn first-hand how social science researchers work, which is integral to Social Studies and Issue Investigation. In a 3-hour workshop, students will work closely with a team of experienced researchers and educators to map the anatomy of a social issue in its full context. They will explore the causes of the issue and its wider implications, appraise diverse sources and data, make sound conclusions, and consider ways to rationally tackle the issue as active citizens.


See here for an outline of the AI Programme.

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